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Dismissed heat with Solar Film.

Dismissed heat with Solar Film.

Who would not want to have a comfortable home. In order to get an impression of space and relief, not a few homeowners who install large size glass windows at the front of the house. The glass doors are often placed in the area
directly adjacent to the rear garden. In order for a direct look in the back garden.

Dismissed heat with Solar Film.
However, the glass material is also a problem for many people. At the state and the scorching heat, people are reluctant to sit or activity near the glass to avoid the hot sun. Especially if you are dealing directly with a glass of direct sun. Use blinds or vertical blinds can reduce the light coming in, but it will block the view out that the crew became the original purpose glazing.

So the use of window film shaped sticker was the answer, although initially more popular to use the windshield and tall buildings, but currently houses also can be applied window film. No need to replace your old glass, just need banisters!.

Restraining volet ultra and infra red.
In general, sunlight is ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. Visible light is most easily determined value, just dark bright eyes terlihar by KSAT. While the present with a sense infrared heat can cause burning in the skin. While ultra violet also cause a burning sensation that penetrates deep into the skin. If a person continues to be exposed to ultraviolet light in large quantities, can be cause a skin disease caused by ultra violet radiation.

Window film which is supposed to serve dismissed ultraviolet and infra red contained in sunlight. Systems on window film will work to minimize the levels of the two beams. Thus, in
sweltering day though, you can still sit or activity near a coated glass window film without feeling the heat. While the levels of incoming visible light more easily governed through the dark light of the window film.

Choose dark or light.
Associated with levels of darkness that held the glass film. The options pretty much, from the range of 40% to 80% with gradations of color to taste. The clear window film typically used by who will not or can not change the look of the house. Usually for the apartment is not allowed because the silhouette of window film can significantly change the look as arising shades. On the use of glass-quality clear film, although the amount was not reduced visible light, ultra violet and infrared namum it still can not penetrate.

Meanwhile, untu a slightly darker window film generally needed by those who want privacy in the home. Besides the windows in the surrounding area so that television can also darkened the sun coming unobtrusive picture quality in television.

Ability to reduce the temperature.
Besides mnolak heat, window film can indeed be considered to lower the temperature in the room about 2-70C. Thus, the air conditioner does not have to work optimally. Not only saves energy, electricity costs automatically
more efficient. So it is only natural that window film is no longer a foreign goods to buildings that had the status of green building or green building.

Easy Maintenance.
Because mounted on the inside surface of the glass, window film is not exposed to wind, dust, rain or dirt from the outside, so no special care is needed to make it more durable. Simply clean the window film routinely use ordinary water spray and soft cloth. Both cloth shirt, chamois, microfiber or fabric type. Do not use sharp brush or cleaning tool glass containing certain additional enzymes. If there are stubborn stains can be used a mixture of water and a bit of hair shampoo to clean the glass film.

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