Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden can be an alternative park today, as the vertical garden, garden upright, green wall and so on. Vertical garden a solution for general environmentalists and lovers of gardens in particular. Using only a small and narrow field, was able to build a beautiful garden and beautiful.

Function Vertical Garden
Do you know the function than the Vertical Garden? Seeing a lot of interest from the vertical garden is, of course, of the park has its own purpose and intent behind its various forms-diversity itself. There are several kinds of functions from the garden vertical garden are:

For Greening.
Urban areas like Jakarta, increasing land prices soar and too expensive and almost every vacant lot would be a mall or apartment. park in Jakarta sekiankan be under-functioning vertical garden for planting, so therefore the garden park is most helpful once to give freshness to big cities like Jakarta. Ponder if the parking at all vertical garden decorated jakarta, exhaust emissions from cars will be eliminated by the plants that surround the building, especially the residents of Jakarta can enjoy the green plants hanging along the vertical garden. Beautiful is not it, we all can feel the beauty of the vertical garden while providing greenery on our beloved earth.
Vertical Garden is very much beneficial for the environment, but it is very easy to manufacture and raw materials are very easy to obtain.

Reduce pollution.
We have a lot of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, cars, public transport and even buses that operate along the road. This resulted in pollution everywhere and maybe not all of the places that has landscaped gardens that can absorb pollutants such as inadequate land. Now with a vertical garden wall we can make the walls of our house, of course it will reduce air pollution there, and of course our house becomes cooler.

Why not? Maybe it sounds strange, but try when you see buildings with vertical garden will be its own entertainment and certainly not a lot of people will be proud of the presence of a vertical garden unsightly. A variety of interesting plant definitely wowed domestic or foreign tourists. With the vertical garden in an area it will have its own nuances and become an icon for the site.

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