Tuesday, 22 January 2013

change the look of the home with natural style, cost-effective.

Change your house design! This street is the most convenient way to get a new look for your house without investing a cent expenses. Change furnishings positioning to get a new look and create the space look not only eye-catching but efficient according to their needs.

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First set the function of the room itself. Before arranging the furniture and put first determine what the function room. The family room was lovely but not too formal to be comfortable occupied. Meant the room was lost function. If for a family room, create a gathering place as comfortable as possible for as relax with loved ones.

Place large furnishings first. Usually these furnishings will be the details that explain the function of the space, bed space, living space area couch for example.

Add furniture complement

Nightstand next to the bed, TV in front of the couch, complementary furniture add-ordinate with the main room furniture. The difference in size of the furniture can add variety to the room. Too many lines can lead to boredom, too much furniture that can make a loud uncomfortable appearance.

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Observe also the outer lining area of the furniture, too many bright areas can make damage to the entire space. Too many things made of metal and stainless-steel can make the room look awesome, differ by including a little warm components like wooden.

Finally, add accessories space that also can double. Also add different colors to the dominant color of your room. Give a personal touch such as your favorite color on the cushions of the sofa, your own painting in the living room, and so on.

View and consider it again!

Now, after all the furniture is in place, sit down and look back, imagine you move in the room. Is it comfortable? Is the cabinet can be opened? Is the tv can be seen clearly from the couch? Do both sides of the bed can be accessed? If everything is fine, then congratulations you've got a new look for your home!

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