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The Minimalist Design Inspiration Terrace.

The Minimalist Design Inspiration Terrace.
Examples of the terrace of the house

The Minimalist Design Inspiration Terrace.

Talking about minimalist home design is not inexhaustible. Ranging from interior design to exterior, there are could be discussed and shelled again in more depth.

One is the minimalist design of the porch. At first terrace house just a complementary part of home decor that serves as a liaison between the exterior with the interior of the house. Call it as a barrier that limits the earthy with the interior courtyard houses are already using the floor. In this case, the front porch is used as an intermediary to prevent the dirt roads of the page directly to the inside of the house.

However, after some time, the use of terrace house apparently continues to grow. Aside from being a barrier between the interior of the home page, end terrace house is also widely used as an external guest room or an outdoor living area. This may be due to the shape of the building an open terrace that exposed plenty of fresh air and bright sunlight, making the atmosphere come together with relatives or friends who visit to become more familiar and enjoyable than when meetings were held in an enclosed indoor living room.

The Minimalist Design Inspiration Terrace.
Fun atmosphere when gathered with friends on the porch.

Therefore, although the terrace is not a part of the main function of a house, its presence is still needed as a complement to enhance your home decor and as an additional element that can add to the comfort of your residence.

This time we want to share about various design minimalist terrace house. Once we have discussed previously about minimalist home design in general, both consisting of a floor or two floors, this time we would like to discuss other items on the minimalist but with a more detailed and in-depth. Let's start with a discussion of design minimalist terrace house first.

In accordance with the concept of a completely minimal, house terrace design minimalist home does look simple and simple. However, although the look is simple and simple, minimalist design of terrace house should still look elegant and luxurious, not inferior to any other luxury home design classic style.

Design minimalist terrace house with the dominant color of gray and white.

Terrace houses are usually wearing minimalist elements dominant color black, gray or white. The colors are indeed concepts that always indicate whether a house is a minimalist home or not. But not infrequently also minimalist exterior that uses bright colors like red, yellow, brown or orange. It is intended to create a minimalist house looks cheerful and gloomy.

That should be kept in mind when creating the design is minimalist terrace house, use plain colors, and only use patterns or regular accents such as horizontal or vertical repeats. Also do not forget to highlight also the forms of accessories and furniture that forms the edges are firm, such as cubes or boxes.

For the furniture itself, we can add seats fitted wooden table’s pretty plain and natural colors. We can also add a potted plant or vase of flowers on the table as an additional element of decoration. Pot plants are planted with greenery or flowers and color can give the impression of cool and fresh in design minimalist terrace house.

Also do not forget to add decorative lighting square, rectangular or round lights can be a light to give the impression of luxury in your minimalist design of the porch at night. Types of lights that can be used to be a light paste on the wall or ceiling lights.

For elements that are used in the design minimalist terrace house, basically you can use a variety of possible materials to form the accents decoration unique. For wall elements, you can use a wall that contains elements of natural stone, brick, or cement walls made of plain patterned with a particular accent. As for the elements of the floor, you can use marble flooring, granite floors or colorful ceramic flooring can be made with a certain pattern. You can also use wood elements such as those found in Japanese homes or homes Joglo to add artistic impression.

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