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Minimum Accessory Bathroom Remodeling Costs.

Minimum Accessory Bathroom Remodeling Costs.

The bathroom design should at least meet the needs of the owner of the house. Renovation of the space does not necessarily require large funds. Can start from small things, such as water fountains, known as shower.

Shower or shower water in the bathroom is often the most final thing people think of when renovating houses. Most people concentrate on the kitchen or living room. Because the bathroom is the room in terms of intensity of use of the least amount of time that a person rarely spent a day in this room.

In addition, the cost of remodeling the bathroom is often compared to the total budget for the purpose of renovating another room in the house.

Though many people do not realize that not a few guests during a visit to assess the cleanliness of the house will homeowners through the bathroom. Be aware that our routine every day will always start from this room. Therefore, the convenience of a shower room can affect the mood when starting the activity.

Currently, accessory for outdoor shower and have diverse themes. One accessory that can be selected is the shower. Many shower models available today, and installation and replacement is as easy to clean as clogged and dirty.

This accessory materials vary, there is made of porcelain and glass. For models of porcelain and glass materials, it is suitable for almost any style of bathroom decor.

Even now available shower that uses LED (Light Emiting Diode). Maybe this one accessory worth a try. This showerhead paired memunyai lamp temperature sensor. Color of light determined by the temperature of the water coming out of the shower. When the water temperature gets hot, the color of the light changes to red.

So, in addition to offering the beauty of the bathroom, we get the pleasure, therapy, and bathroom look elegant.

For those who have the size of a small bathroom, do not worry. Now there is a folding shower. Shower can be folded when not in use. Like most shower that often we meet, to put up a special tub shower is usually required to hold water so that the water does not come out everywhere and the bathrooms remain dry.

With folding shower, certainly a small bathroom will not look small at this point collapsible shower.

Saving Place, Electricity, and Water
Having a bath using the shower facilities seem legitimate. However, for practical reasons, be selected showers to clean and refresh the body. For a few people, it may not matter if the electricity and water bills swell due to water use control.

But for most people, if there is a way frugality in the use of water and electricity, why not?

Indeed, some say bath shower more efficient use of water than using a bucket of bath tub. True or not, all depends on how to bathe, how much time is spent in the bathroom, and no less important how much water was in the tub.

A study conducted AquaCraft, as reported by Yahoo, the average shower water pouring 7.6 liters per minute. Meanwhile, the average time it takes people to a shower was 8.88 minutes. That is, the amount of water used to bathe once about 67.5 liters.

Consumer Energy Center in his study reported that one bathroom with a tub, the use 100-200 liters of water. Meanwhile, when a bathroom with shower for 8 minutes, people use 150 liters of water. With showerhead that comes arrangement uses only 75 liters of water used. From this study can be distinguished which is more efficient, does not it?

On the other hand, the use of this accessory is perfect if the room is not too spacious bathroom. In addition, by eliminating a tub, indirectly has saved homeowners on residential water use. Go green lifestyle is very convenient, especially to reduce the maintenance cost of a bath.

The house on the land is no longer limited to making available large bathroom. Therefore, the alternative could be to eliminate one bathroom furniture. And the choice fell on the tub. Living in Indonesia really need a bathtub. Not just the culture, but there are factors that lie behind them. Often running tap water clogged frequent power outages and make most people feel the need to hold the water in the tub.

However, treating the tub also requires extra time and effort. Stagnant water in the tub for a few days will precipitate the dirt at the bottom of the tub. The outside of the tub did not escape the dirt due to exposure to soap. Therefore, the consequences should regularly clean the tub, both inside and out. Instead of a shower, use the shower. With shower, in addition to not have to clean the tub, bathing easier. Stay kerannya swivel, water was pouring out.

Easily Bacteria Contaminated
Cleanliness of the bathroom is often judged by whether the floors are scrubbed and cleaned toilets. However, the fact that need to be more than that. There are some important things in the bathroom that also need to be kept clean. Shower example. Unfortunately, this is precisely the thing eluding.

Facts prove, one of three shower heads contaminated by mycobacteria, a type of bacteria that can get up to the lung tissue which causes a person often feels tired, fatigue, and difficulty breathing.

"The shower head is generally dark, always in wet and warm conditions. This is an ideal environment for bacteria such as mycobacteria," said Michael Schmidt, PhD, professor of microbiology from Charleston's Medical University of South Carolina.

"Any time you shampoo, spray shampoo to the shower head. Higher protein content in it can promote the growth of bacteria," he added.

As a solution, the researchers recommend to always take care shower so as not to potentially cause disease. Remember, a clean bathroom and comfortable will not only make the homeowner comfortable while using it, but also for the guests who visited the house.

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