Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Interior Design Trends Predictions in 2013.

Happy New Year 2013! Entering 2013, there is no harm if you are invited to discuss what will be the trend of interior design world this year.

Residential interior design for the year 2013 will be dominated by a lot of bold colors and patterns stand out. Yellow color for example will give a new injection feel cheerful. If you liked the other color would not hurt you to put a different mix of bold colors in your interior design.

Patra and real textures you will also find in residential interior design, office, or retail.

By continuing to use white as the base color of the canvas, you are free to cultivate patra whatever you want to use to beautify your room. Starting from animal motif, nature, and the lines can be combined according to your wishes.

Interior Design Trends Predictions in 2013.

As for the interior design style will be the trend in 2013 is a metropolitan trend. Trend style interior is clean and modern, yet stylish design breath-paced life. The issue of green design also remains a particular concern in the world of interior design. So make sure that the housing and interior design projects you also consider the surrounding environment.

As for the prediction that such estimates, Vintage Design with Soft Color Be Popular.

Forget trends striking colorful furniture. Now more people like vintage furniture design is simple with soft colors are beautiful, elegant and classic, such as white, soft pink, light blue, and so forth. Many people predicted that the design of the wallpaper or furniture designs with floral or patterned fabric flowers on a white background will be very popular.

There are also other trends are expected to "WOW" in 2013. That nuance design minimalist style that is loaded with repetitive patterns of lines and forms of furniture shaped box with a simple plain color.

Embroidery, Embroidery, Knitting and Crafts Objects will be trends. 
Knitted and such trends are already starting to look lately, including the furniture. 

The uniqueness of the Traditional Ethnic Patterns increasingly popular!

African tribal patterned furniture from Indonesia and traditional patterns such as batik more and more popular, not only in fashion but also in interior decorating. This is evident from the many fabric patterns for cushion, sofa, wallpaper, cloth and carpet wearing this traditional pattern giving ethnic touch to the home. In addition there are many wooden cabinets, wooden tables and ornaments, other ornaments using traditional patterns as a sweetener decorating.

Down to Earth, Environment Increasingly Nuanced Decorative themes encountered!

Increased public awareness of environmental stewardship is increasingly damaged, leaving many design elements of the house filled with green plants and natural elements.

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