Thursday, 10 January 2013

Practical Ways to Change Decorating Home Without Much Costs

Bored with the arrangement of the house and that's it for years you apply? Try to present something new and fresh. Does not always have to buy new furniture or renovate the room, but enough to make use of existing furniture.

Here it is a practical way to change the decor of the house without much additional cost, as quoted from The Nest.

Practical Ways to Change Decorating Home Without Much Costs

1. Modern Style Furniture
Modern style furniture has a simple and sleek design, but can sometimes look boring and less 'inviting'. Give accents to make it look more attractive by adding texture. For example, placing rugs or fur rug on the floor, colorful decorative pillows on a couch or table decorations illustrated floral and foliage.

2. Add Unique Detail
Create more space so unique with the use of unusual detail. You can stack books like tower and place it in a corner

3. Structuring Shelves
Iridescence is key when styling a closet shelf. Choose two or three different colors but still in harmony together and combine. For example, light green-yellow-green, red-orange-pink or light blue-dark blue and white. You can put little cups, vases, plates small, box-shaped water jug ​​alphabet or unique. Tata furniture by size, ranging from small to large or vice versa.

4. Wall Hanging
Bored with white walls or neutral? Try Spice up your space with color lebruangan, vintage chair or compose various shapes and sizes of frames in bright dinding.ih. Simply select one of the four sections of the wall, paint with the color pink, purple, orange or other pastel colors. Add nuanced elements of the three-dimensional wall. For example, decorative plates of various sizes, patterns and colors or a framed mirror with various shapes.

5. Photo
Photo collection can add a personal touch to your room, if displayed in a proper way. You can put photos on the wall along the stairs, make wall shelves to put photos with matching frames or black and white photographs hanging on the walls are brightly colored.

6. Focal Point
Every room needs a focal point, which is the component that most attract attention and make people's eyes immediately fixed on the object that enters the room. Focal points can be uniquely designed furniture and a large, pop-art poster or a wall-size mirror in the middle of the room.

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