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The Minimalist Tips Wanted.

The Minimalist Tips Wanted.

The house is a symbol of modern minimalist and elegant in an urban society. Minimalist type homes currently being loved. Many people troop to change the style of their home into a minimalist style. The housing developer did not want to miss. They flocked to offer a minimalist style housing in the form of clusters or modern housing.

Understanding Minimalist and Distinctive Characteristics
Before we talk about the various tips minimalist home, we should first understand what it is and what minimalist house characteristics. The house is very attractive minimalist lately. People are more concerned with essential and functional, will prefer a minimalist home. Understanding minimalist architectural style itself is a style that displays the elements as needed, as simple as possible yet elegant.

 The Minimalist Tips Wanted.

A key feature is the minimalist design house innocence, with no add profiles, ornaments and decorative elements and curved lines. Usually this house look more clean and modern look.

The concept of a minimalist home aims to increase the value of an entire room for the exterior and interior to reduce the excess of everything in the room. Minimalist concept applied in all aspects including house building architecture, interior space and exterior gardens.

Minimalist house show character more clearly (the shape and geometric space, simple), better (solid), and more strongly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). The principle is the more simple, the quality of design, space, and the completion of the structure must be getting better.

Minimalist house does not wear a lot of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks. Character and quality of spaces created and defined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks in it.

By minimizing the insulation wall of the room is more open, so the room felt relieved as the primary needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air, and lighting is abundant sunshine. A careful arrangement of light and artsy (floodlights, lamps planting, hanging lamps, garden lamps) makes the house look more artistic model in the evening.

Minimalist house will obviously feels comfortable to live in an urban society that completely practical, functional, lightweight, economical, and efficient, because minimalism is the embodiment of their lifestyle, according to the needs of their functions. Symbol of the metropolis lifestyle. A simple way of life in total.
Tips Home Minimalist with Type 36

36 types of homes today is very much to offer, especially to young couples first time will have a home. Houses type 36 is a lot to offer housing and apartment developers in major cities. Although not very spacious, with a floor plan design to maximize space, the type 36 can be comfortably livable and still maintain privacy.

For the comfort and health of occupants of ventilation, interior design, and lighting are important aspects to consider in the development of 36 types of homes.

Unlike the apartment type 36 narrow room is quite difficult modern minimalist impression. The use of partitions that can be assembled is the best alternative. But not to worry, the selection of interior space and the right paint color would be helpful.

To make the house plan type 36 start by making a list of the room needed following the desired broad. Starting with the first main room like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and so on. Then calculate the area of ​​each room, and then stacking office position.

Then you can expect to put the furniture in the room. Make sure there are still many areas for air circulation and the occupants of the space for your convenience.

Should the position of a wet room, like the kitchen, bathroom, washing, made or are in the adjacent lane for easy installation of water and sewage. Strive wastewater disposal into septic tanks straight without turning. To create a healthy home plans do not take for granted the following:

    Air circulation and sunlight for maximum health and comfort. To be able to get air circulation, make the ceiling a bit higher or a terraced roof section. So that sunlight can enter, create openings facing the coming of light. Aperture can be a door or window.

    Make sure your home has a garden as a dirty air filter and dust that comes into the house and as an oxygen enhancer.

    To get the composition right, sometimes you have to move, deface, reduce, or add certain parts to eventually house plans minimalist looks ideal.

    When you increase the number of family members and require increased space, renovations to be done. Renovations are most often done by increasing the home, or by combining two types of house 36.

    If still not satisfied with the results of your own image, use the services of consultants to draw a plan of what you want.

The Minimalist Ideal Tips

Simple minimalist home memorable, but still modern and classy. For those of you who have a tiny dwelling, but intend to turn the house into a minimalist style, it's worth listening following tips minimalist home.

1. The outer walls of the house

On the wall outside the house, use a plain concrete are given contour slightly textured striped or small rocks. The window is made lengthwise down with a simple trellis. That is, trellises made without profiling, only squares horizontally or vertically.

2. Iron fence

Choose a fence that is not contoured too much curvature. In order to impress minimalist, choose a simple iron fence elongated box-shaped with a dark color like black or dark gray.

3. Pattern

Play patterns in small spaces. In order to give the illusion that the room seem spacious, Ceramic and glass with a mirror so that the room look more spacious. Besides looks more spacious, mirrors can also make the room look more impressive minimalist, sleek, and elegant. Try to put a variety of mirrors to give the impression of dynamic. In order not to dazzle and bored with the choice of mirror-that's all, choose a mirror golden brown.

4. Simple display

Indirectly, minimalist style of the house requires a simple look and seem empty. Therefore, choose a dresser that has a double function and a lot of space, for example, can be as a place to put a decoration but also there is room to store magazines or newspapers.

Place the ornaments are not excessive, for example, container candles, frames, lamps, vases or tall. Do not put a medium-sized or large urn. If space is limited, you should select a television attached to the wall so you can save space on the nightstand as a place to put the TV.

5. Curtain

Use plain or abstract striped curtains that blend with the interior is simple and minimalist impression increasingly felt.

6. Installation of carpet

If you are using carpet to casual hobby with friends, use the carpet plain color without a motive in the family room. If you feel less comfortable, may use a carpet with a pattern that is simple, not too many profiles. However, the rugs without motive considered together with a simple interior without much furniture.

7. Wall hangings

As wall hangings, you can choose a large painting as a point of interest in the form of a simple frame.

8. Lighting or Lighting

Lighting or illumination is also very important in minimalist architecture. Simple shaped lights, for example the shape of boxes. Also, black and white are very common. They are usually the basic color of minimalist design houses. Sometimes, dark wood is also used for flooring. The roof is usually flat, unlike regular houses. This is to further create a simple effect. It wall also pay attention to the cleanliness of the joints. This is another reason why minimalist design makes use of a flat roof.

9. Color Choice

The color is also an important element in this regard. Bright colors like red, yellow and orange provide an interesting contrast and aesthetically pleasing with the overall design of the house. They usually take the form of vases, artworks, or simple pieces of furniture display. Try to play with bold colors.

If you want to know more about the latest in tips minimalist home design, better consult with an experienced architect. They were able to design a minimalist home for you in any style you want.

You can view their home designs and plans to see which one works for you. You can also see some home design and plan, for some inspiration. You can easily get the dream minimalist home.

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