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Ideal Home

Having a dream home is a dream of every person, especially who are already married. To obtain occupancy in accordance with the wishes, needs quite a bit of money, time, and energy. Creativity must be deployed to realize the vision and meet the needs of the entire household.
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Dream house is the ideal medium for imagination poured all homeowners on a dwelling. The owner is free to determine the number and size of rooms needed, arrange the furniture according to taste, or color the walls will.
So that dream home could become the expression of the homeowner's personality while still being aesthetically pleasing and interesting buildings. To make it happen, homeowners can work with a professional architect or pour their own ideas. Do not forget to align the shape of the building with exterior and interior design of the house in order to create a comfortable dwelling ideal for the whole family.

The Ideal Home Family.

If you're going or recently married, you would want a dream house that is ideal for a family of your new residence. The house has become one of the important factors in the family, because this is where all the activities take place.

Dream house is a home to their owners. So, there is no specific standards on how best dream house, because this involves the tastes of each homeowner.

General Criteria for Ideal Home.

While tastes vary, there are some terms or conditions that a residence can be called as a dream home. Here are the criteria:

    Dream home should be an ideal home. Ideal home in question is made up of several important space. Such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Setting a good layout will create a dream home that good anyway. For example, build a bathroom in the back of the house, as much as possible not adjacent to the living room.

    Another example is building a kitchen adjacent to the back porch. Besides not too intrusive activity in the front or middle, cooking in the kitchen will become more comfortable with good air circulation because it deals directly with outside air on the back porch.

    The smell of cooking or any smells coming from the kitchen can go straight out onto the back porch without getting stuffy whole house.

    In addition to the layout, the arrangement of the room is also very necessary to create a dream home.

    Spatial planning more focused on furniture arrangement. For example, furniture sofa arranged in such a way that feels comfortable living room. Laying the proper decorations such as paintings or vases also make an impact on the impression of comfortable and beautiful home.

    One thing that is very important and must be considered is the problem of cleaning the house. It's useless if your home is very nice with all the fancy furniture but it was not maintained clean.

    Always clean your home on a regular basis so that the house is comfortable and can prevent diseases caused by bacteria or germs.

    Dream house is a house that has many windows. This window for ventilation or air circulation. In addition, the number of windows, sunlight will mostly go into the house so that illumination was increased.

    With circulation and good lighting, the house will feel more comfortable and certainly healthier.

    You want to have a dream house that seem fresh? It's easy. Place the potted plants like anthurium in some corner of the room. You also can put ornamental plants to decorate the living room table, for example, mini-sized bonsai plants.

    Another alternative is to create a garden in the house. For this you can hire the services of architects that spatial planning could be better.

    Not only in the house, the garden outside was also greatly affects the impression of fresh and comfortable in a dream home. Tanami your page with a variety of flowers to look beautiful, or at least plant a fruit tree in your yard so it feels cooler.

    It was some of the criteria the ideal dream house, tidy, healthy, and comfortable place to live. If the house already feels comfortable, it would be very influential on our mental, so it does not feel bored, always feel fresh, and certainly not reluctant to go home.

[The dream] Illustration dream house
Plan for Growing Space Ideal Home

Every person who shall marry or have housekeeping certainly want to have their own dream home, regardless of their parents. However, to realize it is not as easy as imagined or when it wants it.

It takes many years to save before you can pay down or buy a home. Moreover, the ever-increasing needs of life that sometimes even undermine the savings that had long prepared.

Compared to cash, buy homes through mortgages (mortgages) are more ease. Especially if we are mediocre income, it is more profitable alternative.

But unfortunately, with only enough savings for a down payment, of course, can not make us free to choose a design that is expected.

It is certainly different from how to build your own home where we can be free to plan the design, lay out the space, and architectural style. By building their own, we can also apply the concept of home grown by creating a strong foundation for the planned two or three floors, although currently one floor built to suit our financial capabilities.

Although we could have a house just by choosing ready-made through a mortgage, that does not mean we can not be creative to improve the functionality and benefits. The house as a shelter is expected to be a fun place for the whole family. In the development of the child is also expected to take place in an optimal, healthy and fun.

Just as the concept of home grown, through existing home we too can develop the concept of growing space for our children. The concept is of course more to the function to build a different atmosphere for each stage of development. Here are a few tips on practical steps to develop a grow room in your dream house.

If you are new households will have children, you can set up a separate room specifically for your baby. Or if you do not have the heart, you can make room next to your bedroom with divider sketsel. This will still allow you to wake up when they hear the child crying.

In the baby's room and put the baby box drawer table about waist high you to store various purposes your baby, such as diapers, clothes, and other baby supplies. Also useful as a desk drawer or pedestal place to change diapers.

When the children have grown and started to enter pre-school, place him in a separate bedroom. Make room atmosphere with paint rather colorful. In addition, you can put the basket for a lay toys at one side of the wall so that children can play in the middle of a rather broad.

If you intend to add to the child, the prospective new baby can be placed in the space previously used his brother, that in addition to the bed in your bedroom are separated by sketsel.

Similarly when the first child has grown older, his room can be developed by changing the color of paint a more cheerful teenager needs.

Drawers also need to be replaced with a better learning table with more functions. Includes dresser. Well, by way of developing the functionality that we need not build a new room or when it is not or has not been possible. With the concept of growing space, our home will always be a dream home for our families.

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