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Tips to Make Small House Design.

Although now many people are making terraced house, still one-story home designs are still much sought after by homeowners. This may be due to the one-story home designs look beautiful yet simple, concise and easy to maintain and cost-effective construction.

Design House this time takes you to see the one-story house which does have many advantages as mentioned above. Besides having one floorhome design spaces that are easily accessible to each other because they are on the same floor, making it easier for homeowners to move from one room to another. Houses with one floor is also more the mood among family members, because of the ease of access from the room given the one-story house. No more need to bother to go upstairs only to wake your child up early that hard. A short little room you've been able to knock you and your baby together into the dining room to eat together.

Tips to Make Small House Design.

You are planning to build a home from a one-story design examples should pay more attention to some things. You should pay attention to how the combination of the laying of the rooms in your home, from the placement of the living room, then the bedrooms and bathrooms where these rooms must be an important element in the one-story house you, especially if you do not own the land wide enough to make the room freely.

So, the main principle to create a cozy one-story house and fun for my family can be described through home design one floor below:

In the design of the first floor of the house, make the rooms a more open-plan, or minimizing the use of wall insulation. This way you can maximize the use of limited land space and make a small house seem more spacious. For example, given a space divider wall just a bedroom and a bathroom, while the other spaces were left without a permanent seal. Room divider can be a wardrobe or a display cabinet which at times can be moved at will.

In the example of the design of the previous floor, family room, dining room and kitchen open plan can be made into a wall, while the living room and family room can be sealed with a closet or other partitions made of wood or bamboo. Cabinet than as a divider between the room, can also be used as a display cabinet to show off a collection of artistic accessories in your home. While bamboo and wooden partitions, in addition to functioning as a room divider is more petite than cabinets can also serve as decorations, we can see examples of Japanese design house in the previous article.

In addition to a broader impression of the house, paint the interior of your home with bright colors such as white, as paint with dingy colors will give the impression to live in crowded and cramped in the house adds.

Tips to Make Small House Design.

Additionally multiply large windows to give the impression of vast home by providing a view to the outside overlooking the garden of your spacious home design examples such as joggle. Besides being able to give the impression of broad, large windows also provide better air circulation and revenues more intense sunlight, making your home look more bright, cheerful and healthy of course.

When creating a one-story design, calculate carefully how the house is to be built. If you want to create a home grown, the house that the next few years will be expanded and may be made into two floors like design minimalist house 2 floors, the design created would have to allow the house to be renovated again easily, so when you do not need to change unload the house from the beginning again.

Estimate the number of residents who will likely stay in the house, because it could affect the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that need to be built.

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