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Feng Shui uses the principles of Eastern philosophy / China are looking for a balance of energy flow in the house. Principles of Feng Shui aims to balance Yin and Yang and the flow of Chi. Color becomes an important aspect of our environment and strengthen color cause vibration energy. Use just enough color to create a beautiful decoration, peaceful and relaxing home environment. Feng Shui is based on the principle of balancing the five elements of earth. The five elements are: wood, metal, fire, water and earth. The five elements that should exist in equilibrium.

Outside environment (outdoor) house should be considered when choosing paint colors home. Outdor lighting effects how a paint color will look and reflect the atmosphere in the house.
In environments with abundant sunshine, brown and orange are quite popular. Color bright yellow, blue or red looks charming in the bright sunshine, Mediterranean style. Intense colors look beautiful for the environment with abundant sunlight. Instead, it can be looked odd when the quality is less natural light intensity, such as in cold climates.

The walls and floors that have a darker pigment to absorb or soak up the rays. In contrast to the light colors reflect light and create a brighter effect anyway.
Here I present the principles of the use of wall paint color below where space should wear that color. Each color has a negative and a positive quality of its own. What I present only guidelines based on principles of Feng Shui Principles.

Ideally, the house is decorated according to the tastes of residents, so that residents can feel comfortable. Pick a paint color or wall decorations wisely to strengthen the emotional effect that is in color. Each color evokes different emotions for each individual. Your emotions are still dependent on individual life experiences and how you associate each color.

Here are some of the psychological properties of colors to guide you in choosing the color to paint the walls of your home;

    Red - Courageous, energetic, aggressive, trigger emotions, and attract attention. Positively, red means love, passion, courage, strong, aggressive, independent, liberty, and warm. Negative is meaningless danger, war, blood, anarchy, and the pressures.
    Yellow - Creates a feeling of optimism, confidence, self-recognition, familiar, and more creative. Yellow can also harm us because of the message fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, and despair. The proper choice of the color yellow and the appropriate use will lift our spirits and more confident.
    Green - means health, balance, relaxation, and youthfulness. Negative aspects of this color gives the impression of them jealous, scheming, was bored, and can weaken the mind and physically. In the history of China, the color green is the color of women. Others with Muslim culture, which considers the color green is the sacred color. Green is also the color for peace.
    Blue - symbolizes intellect, confidence, peace, justice, devotion, a thinker, consistency, and cold. Also, it can trigger depression and doubt. Dark blue will help to think sharp, crisp look, and lightweight. Blue light will soothe and help concentrate calmly. Too much blue will cause a sense too cold, familiar, and have no emotion or ambition.
    Purple - Giving spiritual effect, elegance, originality, and truth. Purple capable of supporting the activities of meditation and contemplation. Deterioration and poor quality are negative traits of this color.
    White - The color is pure, pure, sterile, clean, perfect, honest, modest, kind, and neutral. The white color symbolizes the angels and the medical team. This color can also mean death for it connotes emptiness, ghosts, and the shroud.
    Gray - Wise, mature, unselfish, calm, and balanced. The gray color also connotes a slow, old, weak, drained of energy, and dirty. Because the color is quite neutral or balanced, the color is widely used for color electronic equipment, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and home.
    Black - Memorable elite, elegant, charming, strong, noble, steadfast, and humble. Negative impression is hollow, sad, threats, oppression, despair, sin, death, or it could be the disease. Unlike reflective white color, black absorbs all colors. With black, all the energy that comes to be absorbed. Although capable of charming and strong character, but many people are afraid of the "dark". The black color is dark connotations.

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