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Interesting Idea of ​​Making Sofa Chair Used Bathtub

Interesting Idea of ​​Making Sofa Chair Used Bathtub

If the bathtub is broken and can not be used again take your discarded or sold at a flea market. Because this tub can still be used to make furniture such as chairs sofa furniture. Although the use of junk, but the chair of the bathtub can look more beautiful even when compared with the original sofas and expensive.

Interesting ideas to make bath sofa chair of the former as seen in the picture is very easy to do, even without the help of builders though. The first one has to do is find a bathtub that is not used anymore. Despite the muddy conditions, as long as there are no broken parts, bathtubs can still be used.

And although there's a crack, if the crack is located on one of the side edge of the term, it is also not a problem because this section will be cut off and discarded. Even if the cracks are located somewhere else and does not cause holes, may be closed or dtambal using putty.

After cleaning, make a straight line and extends from the far right to the far left on the edge of the bathtub. This line is used as a measure to cut the bathtub that would be used to make chairs and parts that must be removed or discarded. The slaughtering process using tools that are usually used for cutting tile. Perform this work carefully so as not to deviate or incline.

To consider when making the line or cutting location, should be at the edge, at the top of the arch below. This arch will be useful as a safety line to put foam seating, so the foam is not easily shifted. Due to the materials used to make the bath has a slick nature. Besides these arches also make an appearance tub sofa chairs look more artistic.

Once this work is completed, the next step is to make a chair leg. The material can be used wood carving ornate or profile. If you want a more robust quality wood can be replaced with metal or cast iron or cast from the mixture of cement and sand.

To get an iron or metal legs can be ordered on artisan cast, while the cast of cement and sand mixture can be made using a mold. Once ready, the element legs can be fitted using screws. So before mounted on the corner of the tub that is used to place the chair legs should be given first hole using a drill machine.
Sofa chair that was half done is then smoothed using sandpaper. After a smooth and clean can move on the next job is to color with spray paint. Use colors that are attractive and appropriate to the conditions of space used to put this chair.

In order to have a view that is more interesting and unique, each element using different colors. For example, on the inside of the armrest and the back to be white, then the outer bagia are colored blue. While on the other side was also given a rather contrasting colors and a striking example of yellow gold. Then the last leg of a table can be colored red.

Next to creating a comfortable atmosphere when used for seating, this tub chair can be a complement to the other element, the foam for the seat. Color fabric used to cover holster can also use bright colors or harmonize with the color of the seat. Good luck and be creative.

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