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Handicrafts from bottle scrap

Handicrafts from bottle scrap

Handicrafts from thrift or craft bottles Creator is very easy to dikreasikan be decorated very beautiful, unique, and creative. Materials are easy and simple. Handicrafts from scrap this bottle you can put on the wall, resulting in a refraction of the grain. It's easy and not creative. Here's the process of making the bottle Craft of junk.
Craft Materials and Devices of junk bottles

  1.      Ex-bottle made ​​of Glass
  2.      Jars clear plastic / glass
  3.      pea seeds
  4.      Planchette
  5.      Nails
  6.      Hammer
  7.      Wire
  8.      Wall-hooks

How to Create Crafts from bottle scrap

  1.      Bring a board with nails to form a right-angled
  2.      Relate board elbow to elbow with wall hook
  3.      Attach the board to the wall

  4.      Fill bottles with bean seeds that you have
  5.      Prepare clear jars filled with nuts seeds
  6.      Put the bottle upside down on top of a jar that contains whole grains and tie wire wrapped around   the bottle.
  7.      So Craft creations of scrap bottles you a simple and easy.
  8.      Good luck ... May be useful for you ....

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