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Designing Unique and Beautiful castle

Puri is another word for house or dwelling. So, what kind of unique TVC? Is the house in which is filled with a variety of unique furniture? Or homes that are designed with different styles? Two things had absolutely no influence on the creation of a unique and beautiful dwelling. There are many factors involved in making a unique dwelling. 

Puri Elements Unique and Beautiful 

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    Location or position Houses

Residential location or position of influence in creating unique and beautiful TVC though not always dominate. However, you should take into account the elements of this one before deciding to make a house or dwelling. Examples of the use of elements of the location or position are the existing homes in the hills and mountains called villas. In effect, the position of the house as it was able to deliver something different, unique, and not many people imitated.

Designing Unique and Beautiful castle

    Model or Style Houses

Elements of this one is certainly one of the dominant factors for creating unique and beautiful TVC. The designs are not common and rare strengthen its predicate as a residential dwelling prestigious and different, for example the shape of a triangle, oval roof, or built by his side. Model homes are like this of course makes the beholder amazed.

Type of home or TVC that has the rare models that is widely available abroad, in the country is still very rare. To see an example of this type of house, you can look it up on the internet. There are millions of strange models that can be replicated.

    Wall Paint Color Selection

This element also affects the formation of character a little more unique and beautiful TVC. Sometimes, a lot of homes that model it are pretty unique, but given the wrong color so unique home side could not be lifted by the strong.

Choose paint colors house really fit and strong blend according to the model home, for example, you only use one color for all the walls and other parts (floor, ceiling, and ceiling) of your home. In addition to giving a strong impression, this can Similar look at the whole piece. This sort of thing will portray the character more unique and beautiful you’re personal TVC.


Accessories can always enhance a performance, whether it's inside or display outdoors. Accessories that question can be ornaments or plants that you put to decorate your dream TVC. Accessories here may also be a garden, a swimming pool, or gathering place in the back of the house. Tata and accessories set the mood TVC as attractive as possible so that you more beautiful and unique.

The fourth element was highly correlated between each other. If you use these elements correctly earlier, it's possible your dream unique TVC will be created.
Designing Stages puri Unique and Beautiful

Once you know the four elements underlying the creation of unique and beautiful TVC, it's time to start doing touch or stages in the process.

    Organizing Terrace Houses

Set your patio look as attractive as possible. In addition to adding a variety of ornamental plants, you can also create a pond for ornamental fish stocked or fountain. Create a beautiful atmosphere that will make people who saw or went into the house to be comfortable and secure. If not spacious front porch, you can outsmart by placing ornamental plants that hung in front of the patio, can also make a fish pond or water fountain mini.

Adjust the availability of land. Your home should not be planted with large trees that shade. No matter how small green plants that you planted, at least to help green the environment.

    Arranging Living Room

There are people who think that the living room reflects the owner's home. The more clean and comfortable living room, the owner of the house was so. So did the opposite. To be sure, you would not want your living room looks plain and uninteresting, especially if to look shabby and not wearing. Your guests will definitely lazy to linger in your home. Some tips around the living room to make it look unique and beautiful are as follows.

- Choose a soft wall paint colors or muted colors, such as white, beige, white or green. Avoid bright colors because the view is usually more suitable color for bedroom walls of young people or children.

- You can also install or batik floral wallpaper on the walls of the living room. Giving wallpaper will give an individual touch in your living room.

- Select the fixtures furniture matching the color of the living room wall for comfortable viewing.

- Do not forget to design your home with furniture fixtures creativity alone or can be modeled in the book and the internet. Make sure the equipment is very rare furniture and only you have. You can order it at the nearest furniture centers around you. Increasingly cool and creative furniture designs you are, the more unique and beautiful results.

    Reforming Middle Room or Family Room

The family room can be regarded as the center of the room or space mingles all residents. Arranged this space has the widest area than other rooms. Living room paint color choices cultivated with bright colors and cheerful so that each family member can be carried away by the atmosphere. Avoid dark colors and metallic for this space. In addition, the item that must exist in the living room is a TV, couch, and floor mattresses.

    Arranging Dining Room

Select the color of the walls a fresh and cheerful as in the living room to the dining room. You can also install the wallpaper image variety of fruits and drinks at half or a whole wall of the dining room. Pictures of various fruits can increase appetite family members.

    Organize your bedroom

this is the most personal space and space of expression. Spill unique ideas and your cool here. Wall colors, plain, or with abstract images you can even spill here.

    Reforming Kitchen

Again, use all items of furniture in your home with works of their own to acquire a unique impression at once beautiful and different. The idea can be from books or the internet. Design your kitchen cabinets with oval, triangular, cylindrical, or any other form. If necessary, join with your refrigerator kitchen cabinets right in the middle. Contact an expert manufacturer of furniture items for your trust to apply.

For bathroom or toilet, looks for rare accessories that look attractive office. If necessary, a message designed yourself and accessories to place your subscription.

In essence, a concept that is unique and beautiful TVC created unique and beautiful creativity anyway. Congratulations to experiment and be creative in order to create a unique residential, beautiful, yet comfortable to be occupied by the entire family.

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