Saturday, 5 January 2013

Utilizing Wood And Board For Furniture

Utilizing Wood And Board For Furniture

You are interested in a simple rack, but can be used as a multipurpose rack and still have the value of beauty to be made in one piece of furniture in your home. You can make it yourself at home, how:

To order a rack measuring 120x 50x 90cm, you need a timber with a size of 3x5cm and length of 13.8 m (you can buy a timber with a minimum size of 1-4m ago in pieces and adjust the size of the rack)
To board, you can use a wooden board or also from Blockboard.
First, the wood is cut with a length of 120cm many as 6 units. Timber with a length of 50cm as 6 pieces of wood and 90cm sizes by 4 pieces. And in the form of appropriate design.

Second, puree all ingredients with sandpaper and think it's fine if you can color it by using wood or melamine paint. For good results, the coloring is done by stages.

Third, all order together. You can use nails or screws and wood glue to connect each section.
With a little time and patience, you can make your own furniture for your home .

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