Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tips to Overcome the hot air without air conditioning .

Because lately the air is hot enough, although i house in Bandung still feeling the heat especially in the towns that are famous hot. Despite hears in equator caused by wind, but perhaps we should look for a cheap way to overcome the hot air in the house without 
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having to spend a lot of money. Here are some of my tips to make your room is not too hot.

Tips to Overcome the hot air without air conditioning .

1. Some homes have a ceiling for example roof / ceiling, gypsum or asbestos want it or plywood etc... Give of the air cavity between the tiles with ceiling. Because the air is between the ceiling and roof tiles similar to a tent in the afternoon. The air inside is enough to make the room feel hot underneath. Better give vacuum heat (exhaust fans are cheap and electricity is not too large), or provide an air cavity in and air out by using the wind to dissipate heat.

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2. Opening the vents in the house let alone around the clock 11-2 is pretty hot days when the sun is between 70-110 degrees. In trying to open the windows or vents in the house.

3. Using a fan to dissipate heat not only to cool the room, happened to be in my room upstairs and touch directly with outside air. At about 5-7 nights a transition between hot air and cold air. I often use a fan to dissipate heat and open vents around the room. So that the hot air in the cold air wasted and enters at night. Although the consequence mosquito entry.

4. For point 3 can use fans can also get the exhaust fan to circulate the hot air to the outside.

5. Reducing consumption watt lamps with incandescent bulbs use much less great.

6. Using house paint colors are not cool colors absorbs heat quickly and is slow to heat entered.

7. Electronic store objects such as TV, computer, etc. is not far from the air vents, so that hot air generated quick exit.

8. Using electronic objects that produce low heat such as led monitors than CRT monitors.

9. Putting a wall of plants in a positive air pressure. Plant moisture carried by the wind that cools the air.

10. Planted around the house a lot of trees so much that can produce oxygen and absorb carbon.

11. Do not use objects such reflect sun porch floor if you can use a matte so it does not reflect sunlight.

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