Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tips Regarding Septic Tank

Septic tank is vital relation to the biological activity of the entire household. That are not easily filled and compressed, it needs the right design. The design and improper maintenance, of course, can make the septic tank is not functioning properly.

Septic tank is a sanitation system that consists of a pipeline from the toilet, liquid manure tanks and solid, air infiltration, and water discharge pipe and air. In order for a septic tank is full and not easily compressible, note the following:

Tips Regarding Septic Tank

1. The slope of the pipe. The slope determines whether current waste disposal process. Difference in height toilets and tank water surface dirt, preferably as large as possible. In order to flow smoothly, the slope of the pipe a minimum of 2%, meaning that there is a difference each 100cm height 2cm.

2. Select the appropriate pipeline. The pipeline should be a PVC pipe. The minimum size is 4 inches. The house has plenty of toilets, you should use a larger diameter pipe. Draw a straight line with no curves, because curves or angles, vulnerable incompressible.

3. Adjust capacity needs. For homes with a number of residents for up to four people, just made septic tank with a size of 1.5 MX1, 5mx2m. Bak deposition and infiltration wells can be made to the size 1mx1mx2m. More and more of the household, the greater the required size.

4. Bak must be strong and waterproof. Walls, foundation, and cover the main basin must be watertight, so that the waste does not pollute the environment. Bak deposition and infiltration should have a basic form of a mixture of gravel and sand

Illustration of the arrangement of Septic tank

How to Easily Overcome Toilet clogged
If the channel clogged toilet in your home, do not be confused. Take just about 1 kg of salt. Dissolve into a bucket of water, and stir until thoroughly mixed salt water. Pour the brine into the toilet. Do not use the toilet for about 5 hours. After that, pour plenty of water with a strong beat. Undoubtedly, the toilet will drain back smoothly.

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