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On Multifunctional Space Ideal Home Minimalist.

The design is minimalist dream home can sometimes be regarded as the easy bother. How do I set up needs a lot of space while the building area is limited. Also set the way for the concept of the visual impression remains visible difference. The main thing is setting the house still looks clean, bright and inspiring.
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Space Requirement Description
Investigations on the whole space there. Then you can try to describe the space needed. Each person has different needs. A single course has different needs than a small family.
You can even arrange the room into one in an active space, simple, open. The important thing is to adjust your lifestyle and your needs.

On Multifunctional Space Ideal Home Minimalist.

Creation Multi Function Spaces
If the design is minimalist dream house you now imagine. Make some changes to create a multi-functional space according to your lifestyle. You just have to know the difference between the principle of multi-purpose hall and a living room with a single function.

The difference between the principle of multi-function space model with a single function is the divider between spaces. In a multi function massive no barrier between function space. The division functions as an open space. Some activities between family members can be seen in the absence of a barrier wall.

Moreover, the multi-function generally has a fairly roomy living space. If your home is limited, you can mensiasatinya in several ways, among others:
1. Use barrier 'psychic' like the same carpet shape but different sizes on each function space. Or carpet the same size but different motifs and colors. And so on.

2. Use semi-massive barrier such as bamboo blinds that hung drifted to separate the different functions of the space. Or a light transparent fabric as a barrier function space.

3. Use low furniture shaped as a barrier function space. For example, a low buffet decoration. Or bookshelf is quite low, in addition to functioning as a store of books can also be a barrier function space.

4. Highlight a function room that want to be seen as a point of interest by giving the walls with shades of dark. Do not be afraid to use dark colors as accents.

5. Create a 'silent' versus a 'move'. The 'silent' means a room whose walls are plain no jewelery. While the 'move' in the form of wall elements displaying ornament photo frame or painting. The 'silence' was created for places quieter function, eg the dining room. And the 'moves' to the space requiring high mobility such as a family room.
Now is the time to be creative to realize your dream house minimalist.

At this time the concept of a minimalist dream house has reached the peak of its popularity. Almost all new houses in Indonesia has always adopted this concept, following the trend that also hit other countries around the world.

Ideal Home Minimalist As a Work of Art
Creating a minimalist dream home is essentially unify the value of art, architecture, craft, interior, and technology as well as some other branches of science. Form of the building seem more modern and a symbol of pluralism.

To better understand the art of making a minimalist dream house, may be compared with other architectural model house which also offers art maximalist but many regard it too much. Even seem very tacky.

Prioritize Function Of Ideal Home Minimalist
Today many people mistakenly understand the concept of a minimalist dream house. They assumed the form of a minimalist when it has always been dominated by a line or a box outside. So what happens is, the concept of minimalism only occur outside of the house alone. While what was in the house still does not use the concept of a minimalist home.

Basically make a house that could be a dream, but remain impressed minimalist is not too much to use decorations or accessories. When you continue to use the trimmings, its function is not to show the beauty of it. For example, on the wall there is glass in addition serves to beautify the shape of the room, but also useful to facilitate the entry of sunlight for illumination so they can save electricity consumption.

So here the use of a product is more about function than for beauty. So make a minimalist building in order to remain a dream home should consider the workmanship is a more detailed and thorough.

Make Ideal Home Minimalist Design
The minimalist design is a design that is more about the elements that form a line, straight or plane and use bright colors and bold impression. So in order to be a minimalist dream house, when building should consider the following:

1. Make a plan for structuring a more effective and flexible. Especially in the circulation of air and light settings to be more simple but the outcome could be more optimally.
2. Always use a line element of the firm, erect, and setting a bold and bright colors.
3. Note also the detailed arrangement of the proportions in the use of color, composition and other factors to be able to avoid the impression of boredom and monotony.
4. Always use a tropical concept, because this is one of the foundations of the concept of a minimalist dream house.
5. Prioritizing the use of materials that are more heat resistant, according to the main characteristics of tropical nature.
6. Not too many incorporate elements of ornaments, because this is not the concept of a minimalist dream house. Even if it could be removed.
7. Note also the spatial design or interior remained consistent using the concept of minimalist who prefers functionality but more simple and efficient.

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