Friday, 4 January 2013

How to Make Hot Water for Showers

How to make hot water for showers.

I will give you ideas for how to make hot water for a bath made ​​by using natural materials can also be very cheap materials that have been unused.

required are as follows:
iron pipe size fistful of hand.
pumping water
and water containers

how the system works so is simple, just have channeled water to the pipes and allowed to stand for a while so it is exposed to heat from the sun, with hot glass as a diverter to an iron pipe, the water contained within the iron pipe that will heat up by itself, but to its use should be no sun for sure, and also when it is heated should be in use, but can also be stored in a container of water with a few modifications such as a thermos.

Water pumps are used to pump water into the bathroom to use a shower, this way we can save can also preserve the environment from the use of the material for heating water in our homes today.

As for how cleaning is done periodically to iron pipes, iron pipes will be easy for rust if kept wet, we just need to clean the hot water spraying into the pipe, it means a hot water pump loaded.

in this way will reduce pelumutan, but we can also check the hot water in the container that has been modified as a thermos.

so many of my science, to practice it safely fight!

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