Saturday, 5 January 2013

Down stairs cupboard.

You can maximize the function of the space under the stairs using the field. For this part you can just make the front cover or just the door alone and can also use the full cabinet.

cupboard under the stairs is usually attached to the kitchen set, it will be more elegant and even more special to the eye.
what if you want to create or utilize the space under the stairs, first make sure the right size to match the cupboard under the stairs. Her place was in vain, can now be used sebegai closet to place anything.

Down stairs cupboard.

what you need is wood or you have a closet unused former, you can modify according to the shape of the stairs. I assure you the results are certainly elegant, utilizing science to put a cupboard in the wall under the stairs will put more up their role.

are some examples that I made with my friends "malang furniture".

The elegant look is not it? I mixed it with a set of handmade kitchen cabinets plus put in position on the wall near the stairs.

that so the problem is if you are not in the presence of the kitchen under the stairs, down stairs easily change these cabinets fill a library with books also bench.
with the way everything you fear you live adjust to what you are needed.

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